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He Fits

It is our wedding anniversary, and as this day begins, I look back at the last year we have spent together.  It has been a rough year, and I’m not sure how I would have made it through the year if I had to do it alone.  My husband is my constant, and without him by my side this year, I would have locked myself away from the world.  I would be a puzzle put together with that one remaining lost piece, leaving a hole in the middle of the puzzle picture of my life.

In this world, we are all puzzle pieces scattered on a table being mixed around and occasionally trying to connect to another piece and more often than not finding we do not fit.  Then one day in my life, someone tried placing my smooth and rough edges together with his, and found they were a perfect match.  That someone was my husband, who saw me and knew I was the one that fit the missing hole in the puzzle picture of his life.

He was patient during my many refusals to date.  I was so afraid to ruin the wonderful friendship we had created, but eventually I decided to give us a chance.  To my surprise, I found the foundation of our friendship was exactly the perfect place to build a relationship.  Never once has our puzzle pieces been pulled apart, which is quite amazing since I’m a rather broken person, but he keeps my edges smooth and close to him, which keeps me from falling apart completely.  I know he doesn’t see it this way, because he wants to mend the pieces together so no one can see where it has been broken, so he can hide my pain, but the fact is no matter how well one mends, the cracks still show, and it’s okay.  In a world that expects us to keep emotions and pain hidden, it is a relief to let mind show. 

So today I honor him. He has made me forever grateful for staying with me through all my ‘crazy’ and all my ‘weirdness.’  I’m sure no one else would have! We are connected beyond what I ever thought possible for two people to be.  So as we build our puzzle, piece by piece, it grows more beautiful each day, but the core will always be the two pieces put together 27 years ago when we fell in love and 24 years ago in marriage.  Happy Anniversary, my love! 

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