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We all carry the child we were within us, moving through the years of life, seeing through the eyes of our older selves.

Destiny finds each of us, though some of us never reach out to greet it.  Through the many memories I hold from my youth, I most remember being happiest when creating, whether stories, or fanciful characters, movies or even zany commercials.  I know now that was me reaching out to greet my Destiny.  We became good friends, although it took working through myriad years of life before I could have a seat with Destiny and begin fulfilling mine.  Here now the child Kelly, seeing through the eyes of the adult Kelly, marvels at the changes in time, people and culture.  It is merely a step of another kind when we visit the past.


So in effect we are all time travelers, needing only to pause and reflect in order to travel to our past... and remember...

My fondest wish is to share my visions and ideas and bring you along with me in my trips to and fro.  Believe with me!


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